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About Artist

My given name is Othman Abdus, I’m an artist born and raised in Brooklyn NYC in the late 70s. I have been very fortunate to have been blessed with the gift to draw and see things around me in a creative light. Through my years going out I have not always understood how fortunate I am to be blessed with such a talent; like all artists I have had my bouts with being an artist off and on, many times not drawing for years. In every case of my life, drawing has saved my life and showed me the path way back to love. Drawing gives me a of feeling connected with something when everything else seemed to have let me down or departed from my life all together. Like most my life has been filled with challenges, pains, joys, sorrows and triumphs.


My Journey to Patreon

My journey to Patreon started two years ago when I decided that I wanted to stop making other people rich with my artwork; while I still struggled in fear to find the next freelance job to keep the roof over my head and food in my refrigerator. As a freelance artist I worked 12 to 16 hour days on uninteresting projects in order to piece money together to barely pay rent and eat at the same time, this had become more painful as my clients didn’t share these same problems with the use of my artwork. The biggest problem was me pushing all my art projects to the side to do client projects that I didn’t enjoy doing. To rectify this situation, I decided to stop all freelance projects and use what little savings I had to invest in my own business project.



Developing My First Business

During the time of my great epiphany, I moved from Harlem back to the Bronx in a family co-op that wasn’t being used. I asked family for an IOU on the rent in-order to build my own business, family agreed and I started to develop my first business. My first venture was creating a clothing brand for bearded men called Beardgame. The Beardgame project exhausted all of my savings and took 6 months of labor to design the branding and the first set of designs for initial start up. At the end I had no money to market the clothing line correctly and the sells made was not enough to sustain the monthly cost for the secure website. After a year I had to scale down my expenses and I let go of the website in order to eat.

Having no money I begin helping people with their dietary health as a health consultant. The money from this allowed me to eat and refocus my energies toward something that would allow me to make an honest living with my talent which made me happy at the same time.


My Dream

My dream has always been to draw the things I love to draw which is manly fiction and fictional characters. For every character I draw I develop a story for each and this is why comic books has fascinated me so in my adult years. I have found comics to be the perfect medium to tell the stories and adventures of the type of characters I draw. After spending time drawing what I enjoy again I had the biggest realization of my life. I thought why don’t I just draw what I love drawing and make products with them such as posters, comics and apparel? Soon after having this huge understanding I started developing and drafting concepts for production.

This new project would be named eighty8keys which also is my nom de plume. I decided to place everything under my name in order not to feel limited to any category of art, fixed product or type of artist. As I pursued this new wave, I knew in the core of my heart it was the correct.


Unforeseen Challenges


Mid way into developing Eighty8keys I found out from family that I suddenly needed to move out of the family apartment because they needed to sell it. The abrupt news not only slowed down eighty8keys project it also caused a rift between me and my family. Under the threat of being thrown out by family within a few months I felt compelled to keep moving forward with drawing. Through the last few months after hearing the bad news drawing has kept me calm and has given me a feeling that I will triumph over this situation regardless to whatever may happen.


Joining Patreon

Based on the following events I opened my Patreon account after two good friends of mine suggested that I sign up and see what happens. My greatest goal now is to inspire other artists to draw what they love to draw and never give up on their dream no matter what may be against them. I want my story to show other artists that their is always a way.


If you would like to support my artwork and art projects click on the image below. By supporting my Patreon page with a monthly subscription you will receive exclusive rewards. Rewards include behind the scenes look of upcoming projects, downloads, poster prints, comics, art-books and clothing apparel.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-9-42-08-am Join Today & Put These Hands to Work


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